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Pendant "Name" on the chain
Bracelet "Airplane"

Bracelet "Airplane"


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Bracelet "Heart name" with crown

About the brand

Solomiya jewelry Line is a Ukrainian business that is proud of its location in the very heart of Lviv. We are keen on keeping up with the European design and the associated modern technologies that come with it.

We love our customers, and we know exactly what you need and want. We always offer innovative models of excellent quality at reasonable prices. We offer accessories of various designs that accurately express love, family happiness, luck, charm and optimism. Our designers are also capable of laser engraving wedding rings, plates, and family and name pendants. We can also add an inscription on the product in any language of the world.

Among the variety of our jewelry there is a series that we are particularly proud of. After all, this is an opportunity to transfer all your feelings to the most nicest, most dear and loving people - our mothers. You must agree that it is the best feeling when you see tears of happiness in the eyes of a woman who devoted her whole life to you, face all the tenderness and taught you to walk wisely in life. For you it may be just a bracelet, or a pendant, but for her…an infinite demonstration of love and gratitude. We should ensure to constantly remember to give such small yet loving gifts to our mothers.

Such an ornament can clearly emphasise your style and become an interesting highlight in your image. We are developing models with different price policies - from the most modest to the most demanding. The most important thing for us is for the client to be satisfied with our cooperation. We will choose an ornament and a design, no matter what the amount of time and cost requiring to be put into it. The motto of Solomiya Jewelry Line: "The customer is always right!" In a world of lots of accessories we have focused on a niche - we decorate the lives of our customers, giving them aesthetic pleasure and, most importantly - we do it with love! That is why Solomiya Jewelry Line is always the right choice that will always be in trend.

You receive quality service if you decide to order our jewellery, the thus are ensured in your right choice! What appeals to our customers: the highest quality, individual cooperation, and fast execution time.

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If you decide to order our jewelry - you have made the right choice! What gets our client: the highest quality, individual cooperation, fast execution time.
We are on the market since 2000, and in the course of 17 years we have formed a large base of assortment that provides a huge number of satisfied customers who have already become permanent, because memorable jewelry for special events - this is a perfect gift.
A big team of designers, cutters and other specialists are working with your orders. And for them each accessory is a different jewelry history. We are able to fulfill your desires, taking into account even the smallest details.
Warranty for
our products
Warranty for each of our products is 1 month. If the accessory needs to be repaired because our fault, then the service is free. If customer’s fault- the client pays, but we assure you - the price for the service is minimal.